Quick Tips : Stop swirling with your messaging

Many startup founders that I speak to describe “swirling” with their messaging.

You know that feeling, when you’re going around in circles and not sure where to land. You’re in a holding pattern and it’s frustrating.

But what I’ve learned is that the swirling is a symptom of a deeper underlying issue that needs resolving. That issue is usually a lack of clarity on a strategic level.

Maybe your customer isn’t clearly defined. Who are you talking to and what do they care about? And I’m not talking about lame demographics, or sweeping groups of people. Is it a person you can think of? Are you clear on their problems and how you solve them?

So the next time you find yourself in a holding pattern, ask: What’s muddy?

When you are clear in your strategy, you won’t swirl.

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Do you ever feel like you’re swirling with your messaging? Like you’re just going around and around and around spinning your wheels, going back and forth about the best way to position your product or service to the world and you just can’t land it.

I’ve talked to a lot of people who say this to me, and what I’ve learned is that this swirling is actually the sign of a holding pattern.

You know how planes circle around their destination waiting to get a slot to land? Well the same thing is happening when we vacillate and go back and forth with our messaging. We’re in a holding pattern because there’s something going on underneath the surface that’s stopping us from landing our message. And what I found is that a lot of times it’s something on a strategic level. It’s a lack of clarity.

More often than not, it’s a lack of clarity around the customer.

So maybe you’re not totally clear on exactly who your best fit customer is. Maybe it’s too broad. Maybe you’re not totally clear on the problems they’re solving, the problems that they really care about and how your product or service can really answer those.

So when you think about swirling and next time you’re there driving yourself nuts, ask yourself: Am I in a holding pattern? Is there something that’s unclear about my strategy that’s maybe holding me back?

Go back to those basics. Who you’re talking to, what they care about and how your product can solve those needs, and it will help you get out of that totally frustrating holding pattern of swirling with your messaging.

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