#17 | Andrew Stinger, Coda

“Your job communicating isn’t done until you’ve been understood.”

Words. To. Live. By. 🙌

Just because you’ve put a message out there to your team — on a deck, a doc, an email — doesn’t mean you’ve effectively communicated the idea. 

You have to consider different communication needs, different audiences, and different contexts.

That’s how Andrew Stinger, Corporate & Product Marketing Lead at Coda, approaches internal and external messaging.

It’s not a one-and-done thing, but an ongoing process of feedback, iteration and refinement.

In this episode, Andrew shares amazing stories from his time at Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Coda about:

— How even a smart headline can falter without the right context
— Why every new message is a test, from a sales conversation to a blog post
— Why getting bored of hearing your message is a good thing

Andrew’s pure joy and passion for product marketing shines through this interview (and there’s even a cameo from his dog, Trousers 😊).

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