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Why readers love That’s Punchy!

“I love Emma’s phrasing examples. As a creative person, I need to see examples of word choice and sentence construction to generate ideas for my own work. The notion that great artists steal and then reconfigure and reimagine to make it their own is exactly it. I keep all of the newsletters for exactly this purpose.”

Natalie Burg

Product Marketing Manager, Column Software PBC

“As a product marketer, That’s Punchy is my favourite newsletter. Whether it’s tips on improving copy, or advice around positioning customer benefits, I really look forward to finding a Punchy newsletter in my inbox.”

Caitlyn Wynn

Senior Product Marketing Manager, DiviPay

“Our small (but mighty!) marketing team all signed up for the newsletter a few months ago, and we LOVE it! We’ve just rolled out a new campaign, and used Emma’s tips to go bigger on benefits, and less is more on everything else – with great results! Thank you!”

Timo Nieuwoudt

Head of Marketing, Digistorm

“I can’t get enough of Emma Stratton. As a Creative Lead, I often utilize the observances and tips to keep the work I do customer facing in the most powerful way possible.”

Timothy Jones

Creative Director, Serta Simmons Bedding

“Emma’s content never fails to make me feel SEEN. I’ve shared so much of her wisdom in our team’s Slack. There are only two email newsletters I stay subscribed to, and Punchy is one of them. If you’re in B2B tech and you have anything to do with messaging or positioning, you need to sign up. Whether you’re in leadership, marketing, sales, sales dev, product, or another area—regularly reading Emma’s content is one of the best ways to make sure you’re continually upping your game.”

Meagan Campbell

Content Marketer, CoLab Software

“My day can get so packed, tactical and wordsmithed, so the That’s Punchy newsletter is a lovely little moment that pulls me out of the depths of the day and brings me back to what matters (and energizes me) the most.”

Kristen Ditsch

Head of Product Marketing, Workato

    “Emma always tells me about something I can do that’s simple, achievable and effective.”

    Jonathan Heawood

    Executive Director, Public Interest News Foundation

    “This newsletter isn’t like the others. As the name says it’s to-the-point, insightful, and Emma always finds the right words to make you think.”

    Amelie Winkler

    Product Marketing Manager,
    App Fire

    “The insight that Emma provides is gold! I have implemented nearly every thought into our newly proposed messaging blueprint.”

    Eric Holland

    Sales Enablement Manager, LucidLink

    “Emma does a great job at nailing simplicity and authenticity. If you cant explain something simple terms, it’s fluff and shows you’re either hiding something or you don’t actually know what you’re talking about. I really appreciate Emma’s take on getting that message across as well as highlighting our unique experience as an asset.”

    Montse de la Garma

    Communications Manager,
    Digital NEST

    “I love Emma’s newsletter! As a solo Product Marketer in their very first role in PM, Emma’s newsletter has shaped the way I’m able to communicate value efficiently internally and to customers. She’s shown me effective ways to hone my messaging craft – thank you!“

    Alfie Gardner

    Product Marketing Manager, HowNow

    “Emma helps people write copy that’s real, relevant and, yes … punchy. Because of her newsletter, I’ve got tools that help me use less jargon, rely less on filler words and do away with my nagging need to use the passive voice. TYSM. ”

    Luke Reynebeau

    VP of Marketing, Sales Assembly

    “I love Emma’s newsletter and her insights on LinkedIn. In particular, Emma’s insights have consistently challenged and helped me to ditch the jargon despite working in a complex B2B healthtech setting.”

    Louisa Ive

    Senior Product Marketing Manager, Patchwork

    “Emma’s newsletter is the highlight of my inbox. I have 10 years of messaging experience and still I learn a new tip every single time I read it. It’s the most reliable source of actionable messaging and positioning strategy insights I’ve come across. Absolutely well done!”

    Cait Gossert

    Senior Manager, PwC