#19 | Jason Perocho, Braze

Finding your product’s unique space in the marketplace is everything.

That’s why positioning and category definition are two of the most important (and juiciest!) things a product marketer can do.

And if you want to do it right, you gotta start with your customers. 

In this episode of Adventures in Messaging, Jason Perocho, VP of Product Marketing at Braze, shares how customer insight helped define a product category during his time at Salesforce, including:

— Testing their initial hypothesis about the category (and learning it was off).

— Investigating exactly how customers were using popular features.

— Understanding how customers perceived the product and its value

It’s rare to get a behind-the-scenes tale of category creation – Jason packs a ton of practical wisdom into this clip. If category definition is on your mind, then this episode is for you!

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