#24 | Christine Sotelo-Dag, Intercom

The secret to messaging that resonates? Start with empathy, not features.

Before you put pen to paper, make sure you truly understand your customer’s challenges, aspirations and feelings. 

That’s how you find the emotive hook to bring people into your story.

In this episode of Adventures In Messaging, Christine Sotelo-Dag, Group PMM at Intercom, gives amazing advice on how to root messaging in empathy, including:

— Connecting the dots between the pains both customers and prospects are experiencing

— Clarifying the problems that your solution solves for them

— Constantly checking that you’re using customer language, not internal vernacular

Personally, I’m a huge fan of Intercom’s messaging and Christine’s team’s work — so I love getting this behind-the-scenes look at how they do things. 

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