#28 | Jordan Greene, Outreach

Not enough people talk about using your intuition during messaging development. Because it’s a total secret weapon.

The best product marketing teams have a gut sense about which messages will land with their customers, resulting in stronger hypotheses and faster messaging development cycles.

And you can learn how to build your messaging intuition too.

In this episode of Adventures in Messaging, Jordan Greene, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Outreach, shares how his team nurtures their intuition every week, including:

— Having frequent interactions with buyers and ideal prospects (even if it’s a quick coffee or 10 min chat).
— Passively listening to sales call recordings at scale (one of his colleagues listened to 10,000 in one year!).
— Sandwiching quantitative data between qualitative feedback to test and validate.

This plus what it’s like creating and building a new category, what it means to be “customer obsessed”, and how knowing your customer is embodied into the daily, weekly, and monthly rituals of the team.


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