Simpler messaging for a complex sales engagement platform

Outreach is a category-leading sales engagement platform and one of the fastest-growing tech companies in America. After a billion-dollar valuation, Outreach needed a messaging strategy to support aggressive growth goals in new verticals and the enterprise market.

What we did

  • Company, customer & competitive research
  • Positioning & messaging strategy
  • Brand voice development

When you’re a company having many conversations in many mediums and channels, how do you sound like the same organization? How do you sell with a story that resonates at scale across different dimensions?

Now we have that core story. This is how we tell it, these are the words we use, this is why it matters — it’s the only way to succeed as a company. Punchy brought crispness, simplicity and a point of view to our messaging. It was nice to see how excited product, sales and marketing got around it.

Jordan Greene
Senior Director of Product Marketing, Outreach


As the fourth-fastest growing tech company in America, we needed to tell a story that resonated with a wide range of audiences.

Punchy helped us create a messaging strategy that did just that. Best of all, it feels authentic to who we are as a passionate, customer-focused team.

Max Altschuler
VP of Marketing, Outreach


Leading B2B tech companies make their positioning and messaging a superpower with Punchy.