Quick Tips: “Drunk at the Party” Exercise

What if you could say it like it is? What would you say?

What would you say to your competitors, your customers and your prospects?

The “Drunk at the Party” exercise that I share in the video below gives you permission to be controversial and polarizing with your messaging. And it will help you to hone in on your unique point of view and attitude, and why you’re different.

Because when it comes to messaging, we instinctively play it safe. But the best brands — the ones that grab and hold your attention — are bold.

Read the full video transcript here:

I wanna share one of my all-time favorite exercises with you and it’s called “drunk at the party.”

This exercise is really great for helping you hone in on your unique point of view and your unique attitude as a brand — the thing that really differentiates you from all the other people who do what you do.

So here’s how it goes.

Imagine that you’re going to an industry party after work.

It’s a cocktail party with an open bar. It’s Thursday, you’re really looking forward to Friday, and you forgot to have lunch. So all of these things together result in you feeling tipsy after one drink. So you have a second and you start to mingle around the room.

Now imagine in this cocktail party it is filled with your competitors — direct competitors, indirect competitors — and also your ideal customers and your ideal prospects. The people who really need what you offer.

In your state — two drinks in on an empty stomach — what do you blurt out? What do you blurt out in conversation to prospects?

What do you blurt out to customers? What do you say to your competitors? Do you do any s%!t talking? Do you shout anything? What do you say that, the next morning, you kind of regret that you said. You think “I probably shouldn’t have said that.” Brainstorm all these things. Really get into that state. What would you say?

I love this exercise because it really just gives you permission to be controversial. To be polarizing. To be bold. To say like it is. To share what you really think, because that is what makes a great brand — having a real unique and authentic point of view.

Try it out for yourself and then marinate on it. Ask yourself: “Could I maybe say something like this?” Chances are, you could, and it’s really gonna help differentiate your brand and help you connect with prospects and customers.

So try the “drunk at the party” exercise. See what you come up with, and I would love to hear some of the things you would blurt out in the crowd, two drinks in.

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