Quick Tips : Messaging a new-to-world product

Are you creating or launching a new product? Is it really new…like, never really been seen before?

One of the toughest challenges when positioning and messaging a new product can be that your prospects don’t even know that a solution to their problem exists.

Not even as a concept.

I experienced this recently and it was another good reminder that messaging has to meet people where they’re at.

Let me tell you about my experience with Timeshifter app.

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One of the biggest challenges that early-stage founders and new startups are up against — especially when they’re bringing something really new to the market — is the fact that prospects don’t even know that a solution like yours exists. They don’t even know it as a concept.

And that is actually one of the toughest obstacles to messaging and positioning something new. A really good example of this is something I experienced recently.

So I had a big trip abroad coming up and it was for work, and I just started worrying about jet lag because I’m getting older and jet lag is killing me these days. I mean it’s really adding about five to seven days of misery to any major trip to another faraway timezone, and I just don’t have that time.

And I was like “I just really wish there was something I can do about this jet lag but there’s probably not.” In my mind. the only options were taking an Ambien and possibly acting crazy and not remembering, drinking a ton of wine and passing out, and maybe drinking extra water, But I didn’t really believe that any of those things were gonna help me with my jet lag.

So I was like “you know, I’m just going to deal with it.” But I kind of persisted and I was Googling around and eventually I got directed to this app called Timeshifter. And this is not a paid plug for Timeshifter, but I’m obsessed with it.

So it’s an app and it promises to help you get rid of your jet lag using this personalized plan that scientists and NASA astronauts use and was like “Hmm, sounds good.”

I still didn’t understand what the heck this thing was gonna do and so I read all about their approach, had a lot of education, a lot of material on this app talking about how they approached this jet lag solution, and apparently the key to getting over jet lag is adjusting your Circadian rhythms — changing how you see light and darkness in the days leading up to your trip is what decides how terrible or easy your jet lag is going to be.

Totally new concept to me. I didn’t even know if it was gonna work. But I thought what the heck and I followed the plan and it worked. I didn’t have any jet lag.

And I couldn’t believe it. I thought “I wish I had this years ago, how many trips abroad have I suffered through jet lag for five to seven days when I could have just followed this simple plan and feel great.”

And why? It’s because I didn’t think a solution existed. I was aware that I had a problem — jet lag — but I didn’t think there was anything I can do about it and it’s really hard to just figure out what a solution might be.

So this is a situation that a lot of new startups are in. The world doesn’t know a solution like yours exists. And so you need to think about that and realize that that’s where people are coming from and your messaging needs to meet them there.

Understand that people might not even know the solution is a thing and help educate them. Help them understand. Connect with their problem and show how you can solve it. Like Timeshifter app did!

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