Quick Tips: The “Mom Pitch” Exercise

Does your product messaging feel rambling or too complicated?

Try the Mom Pitch.

Pitching your mom is an effective shortcut to simpler messaging.

And it’s not about dumbing down your technology – it’s about empathizing with your audience.

Read the full video transcript here:

I work with a lot of tech founders who are really struggling to make their product sound simpler.

So when we work together I often ask them to explain their product to me as if I were their mom and something always shifts in them and they’ll give me this really nice analogy. They’ll say something like “oh I tell my mom our product is like a personal assistant for salespeople” or “I tell my mom we make life less chaotic for billing departments.”

I started calling this the “mom pitch” and nine times out of ten the “mom pitch” that a founder would give me would actually be more effective than what was on their website at the time and it’s because a mom pitch is clear, it’s simple, it’s really easy to grasp.

So why is it so easy to make things sound simple for your mom and yet we tend to overcomplicate when it’s time to talk to our customers or prospects?

It’s because you know your mom. You know her really well. You know what she’d understand. You know what would confuse her. And so you naturally meet your mom where she’s at with your description.

Well the same principle actually applies to great messaging. You really want to meet your prospect where they’re at.

So if they’re not a super technical audience, you don’t want to go crazy on the technical language. If they do use a certain jargon, then it might be okay to use that in your messaging.

You want to meet them where they’re at, as if they were your mom.

So try the “mom pitch” for your own company, your product or service.

How would you pitch it to your mom and how does it stack up to how you’re currently pitching your business to prospects? I’d love to hear

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