Quick Tips On sitting with the pain

My 5 year-old daughter’s fish died yesterday. It was her first experience with death (something I’d been dreading).

As she sobbed, I felt the parental urge to make her pain disappear. I wanted to offer an instant solution – a new, better fish!

But I know that it’s important to help your child sit with tough feelings, so they can build resilience.

Rushing to a solution would rob her of an important lesson.

So instead, I just sat quietly with her and listened.

As marketers, we also have that urge to rush straight to the solution. You want to show customers how you can solve their pain points right away.

In doing so, you rush past your customer’s experience of that pain. You skip the nuances of their challenges and frustrations – and that’s your opportunity to make your messaging deeply resonant on an emotional level.

You know your solution. But how well do you know your customer’s pain?

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