Quick Tips: Redefining what?

When it comes to messaging, please don’t say you’re “redefining” anything…even if you are.

I know, it sounds SO good. Especially when your product is *actually* going to shake up the market. It feels like innovation personified.

But here’s the thing: the word doesn’t mean much to people.

Firstly, it’s a tired phrase in our age of rapid innovation.

Secondly, it’s because “redefining” is a vague abstraction.

It puts the onus on the reader to guess what your redefined category or tech looks like, because you haven’t shown them.

It’s forcing them to picture what your reimagined future for ride-sharing or cyber security looks like. And that’s too much to ask of a prospect.

Chip and Dan Heath break it down in their book, Made to Stick:

“Abstraction is the luxury of experts. If you’ve got to teach an idea to a room full of people, and you aren’t certain what they know, concreteness is the only safe language.”

Assume nothing. Play it safe and get concrete about your product.

What is your most unique feature? How does it answer your ideal customer’s needs and desires or motivations?

Sum it up in a sentence a 6th grader could understand.

Communicating that value with concreteness is how you’ll truly redefine things.

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