Quick Tips: Are your prospects befuddled?

A CEO of a growing SaaS company told me that he still gets blank stares from people during sales pitches.

He said: “I can tell they’re thinking: what the hell is this guy talking about?!”

This bothered him.

But what REALLY kept him up at night was the thought of blank stares from visitors to their website.

He worried about ideal customers coming to their site, getting confused and bouncing. Without ever knowing how his company could help them.

“That’s the scary part you never really know,” he said. “Once you miss that opportunity to capture them, it’s gone.”

If you’re sensing blank stares on your site (or getting them in real life) chances are you’re focusing too much on “how it works” instead of “how your customer’s life will improve.”

The latter is way more important…and way easier to articulate.

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