Quick Tips: Ask the million dollar question

If you had the magical power to convince prospects of one thing about your product, what would it be?

This is one of my favorite questions to ask during team workshops and stakeholder interviews. Especially if their product is multi-faceted with different use cases and customer segments.

I’m usually met with sighs, long pauses and the half-joking request: “can I make it TWO things?”

(I never budge on this one)

It’s a tough question. But crafting a focused message ain’t supposed to be easy.

If you want to put a stake in the ground for your company and leave people with a distinct impression about your product, then you can’t talk about everything all the time.

Sacrifice is part of the process. And it works.

Once you have that clear and effective story, you’ll forget about the things you had to leave out in order to get there.

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