Quick Tips: A branding lesson from the Fab 5

I’m a big fan of Queer Eye on Netflix.

(I love the deeply emotional angle on makeovers. I love the transformations. I love Jonathan and Tan and…anyway…)

There was an episode with a young doctor who was about to start her first job. She was smart, she was a mom and she had successfully finished her residency.

She also sported a childish hair bow atop her high ponytail which made her look like a teen, even though she was an accomplished adult.

To me (and of course the Fab Five), it stuck out like a sore thumb — it was obvious and clearly needed to go.

But why couldn’t she see that?

The bow and pony look was part of her former identity. She couldn’t see that she had outgrown it. She was just so used to seeing it there.

And the same thing can happen with brand and messaging. As your business evolves, it’s natural to outgrow things. What worked back then might not be supporting your goals today.

But these things can fly under the radar simply because you’re used to them.

Sometimes, all it takes someone on the outside to help you truly see yourself.

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